The richness of this land and its rivers provides the very foundation of Taku River Tlingit kustiyixh, or ‘way of life’

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The Taku Conservation Area

T’akhu  Tlèn Al’óonx’I Patrol

The value of a patrol or guardian program has long been recognized as an essential mechanism for effective conservation in Tlingit territory, and for maintaining strong cultural ties to lands and waters.  Although many older Taku River Tlingit have maintained and continue to utilize their knowledge of the lands and its wildlife, much of this wisdom is not being adequately transferred to the younger generation.

The T’akhu  Tlèn Conservancy is proposing to facilitate the design and implementation of the Al’óonx’I Patrol, in cooperation with the TRTFN Lands and Fisheries Departments.  The core content of the Al’óonx’I training program will be built from existing and new interviews with knowledgeable Tlingit hunters and members.  A network of family cabins and territory watch posts will also be constructed to enable older Tlingit hunters to participate in regular patrols, and to serve as training locations for younger Tlingit.

The design parameters for this program will be developed in 2010 - 2011.