The richness of this land and its rivers provides the very foundation of Taku River Tlingit kustiyixh, or ‘way of life’

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The Taku Conservation Area


The governing Board of Trustees of the T’akhu  Tlèn Conservancy is comprised of four Taku River Tlingit members and three Association members. First Nation or Association Conservancy Membership is restricted to the applicants for incorporation and to those who become members in accordance with the bylaws of the Society.

A Joint Clan Meeting of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation, by Joint Clan Resolution, designates four persons to be First Nation Conservancy Members. The number of Association Members is three and vacancies are filled by a simple majority vote of the Association Members.

T’akhu  Tlèn Conservancy Board Members

Peter Kirby, President

Susan Carlick, Vice President

Nicole Gordon

Colleen Williams – Colleen is the manager of Atlin Trading Post for the past 22 years. Have a diploma in Hotel Tourism obtained at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Have worked extensively in the retail industry, and accounting trade. Lived in the Yukon and Northern British Columbia for my lifetime. Has a strong conviction for the preservation of the land and wildlife for the present and the future.

Michael Magee - Michael has over 18 years experience in government strategy, political campaigns and campaign financing. He is the former Director of Development and Public Affairs for the Sierra Legal Defense Fund. Mike now serves as Chief of Staff for the Major's Office of Vancouver.

Scott Rehmus – Scott is the Chief Executive Officer of the Coast Conservation Endowment Fund Foundation and Chief Operating Officer of both funds. He has a background in philanthropy, having run two conservation and science grant programs for a large U.S. foundation for seven years, and in international conservation. Most recently he worked on conservation and sustainable development in Micronesia.

Dennis Sizemore - Dennis is the executive director and founder of Round River Conservation Studies. His 30 years of conservation work experience includes law enforcement, management, education, and research. A former President of The Wildlands Network, Dennis also serves as a board member of the Pax Natura Foundation.