Bat Habitat Assessment & Enhancement

This project started in 2017 and focuses on monitoring the presences of Little Brown and Northern myotis bats in TRT traditional territory, and enhancing their habitat through the construction of bat houses.

In 2017, the Land Guardians held a community workshop on bats to educate community members and introduce and gain insight into presence of bats in homes and other buildings or land features (caves, cliffs/bluffs). Since then the Land Guardians have worked with locals and other First Nations to assist in acoustic monitoring downloads and mist netting activities to monitor bat populations.

An important part of this project involved the construction of bat houses. The ATELP STEP program assisted in the construction of the bat houses. Bat houses are important because maternal roost boxes creates summer habitat for female bats to give birth to and raise pups. Roost boxes provide mitigation for the potential loss of roosting habitat if old buildings or structures being used by bats are removed.

The Land Guardians are continuing the long term monitoring of local bat populations by frequently checking for bat presence at various bat houses that have been placed in the Atlin area.

Bat box 3
Bat box 4