Program Goals

The TRTFN Land Guardian Program has the follow program goals:


  • To monitor critical ecosystem services to conserve, protect and enhance ecosystem and cultural health;


  • To maintain a distinct Tlingit presence on the land, and throughout the TRTFN traditional territory, through regular land-based activities including patrols, guardian cabins and Tlingit trails;



  • To protect, conserve and restore Tlingit cultural & ecological features, values and land uses;


  • To assume a lead role in monitoring the effects of climate change and support the community to identify and adopt adaptive ecosystem management strategies;



  • To raise awareness about Tlingit values, laws, and language and promote Tlingit values of collective responsibility for land stewardship;


  • To support Taku River Tlingit members to be out on the land, accessing Tlingit foods/medicine and connecting with Khustiyxh - the Tlingit Way of Life;



  • To establish and sustain the Land Guardian Program as a leading example of indigenous stewardship, and continually evolve and improve through active use of Traditional knowledge, training, skill development, and shared learning with other regional, national and international programs.